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Mineral Identification

With over 51 minerals types in Uganda alone, We undertake field visits to prepare and source any desired minerals in the there as well as the other mentioned countries, With all these over 51 mineral types in Uganda , there are not many active firms involved in mining or exploitation. This makes the mineral subsector very lucrative because of high production potential, if many interested miners are prevalent.

Mineral Processing

We enhance processing of mineral ores into desired exportable or utilizable levels. We also ensure that any mineral processing is done in accordance with optimal customer satisfaction levels.

Available mineral sources include but are not limted to; Gold, Copper, Cobalt, Vermiculite, Diamond, Petroleum chronite, Magnetite, Gypsum phosphates salt and sand among others.

Clearing and forwarding

Our section offers importing and exporting, clearing and forwarding services in Uganda’s major ports with Entebbe as a hub. Our key purpose is to provide convenient freight services, reliable and efficient forwarding to our clients. We aim to top the freight and forwarding industry in terms of excellence in delivery. The company also caters for the freight needs of all eastern African clients in import and export of cargo through Entebbe and all major ports.

Consultancy services

We guide mineral prospective investors or dealers in all matters pertaining to their specific demands. We do this through conducting general consultancy services not limited to; Mineral Studies, Research Conduct in Mineral mining, grading, quality testing and Identification, Mineral drilling Services, Country Mining and Mineral Procedural Guidance and policy interpretation, Assistance to Mineral Exportation and Importation Procedures, Advisory Services to Access Land For Mineral Exploration and Mining e.t.c

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